iPSpine Approach

The project will begin in the lab, with the scientific development of viable stem cell and smart biomaterial. These will be combined and tested in a battery of testing platforms that mimic the diseased environment. Finally, cellular and clinically relevant animal models will be used to test for translation and safety, culminating in a proof-of-concept study in canines.  

The work packages led by experts in the field perfectly complement the challenging iPSpine project.  This approach covers all aspects involved in successful translation of iPS-based therapies from bench to bedside.

Marianna Tryfonidou, Project Coordinator, Universiteit Utrecht

Spanning the entire project, a team of ethicists and regulatory advisors will provide guidance on the project to ensure all ethical and legal considerations and regulatory guidelines are met. In addition, we will be actively communicating and disseminating project information, updates, and results to the public. Finally, the consortium efforts will be facilitated by a team of project managers working to bridge communication across work packages and bring the project to successful project completion. 

The development of the iPSpine advanced therapy will be carried out through nine different work packages (WPs) as described below.

More information to come soon.